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Maximise your marketing funds while maintaining control of your brand.

Franchisees want more, need more, and expect more. That’s why thousands of Australian businesses are moving to Directree, to manage their businesses online in one simple platform.

Franchisors Today:

  • Use a single consumer-facing website
  • Give franchisors a “location page” on their main site
  • Attempt ‘national’ or ‘regional-based marketing
  • Limit the access or control a franchisee has at a local level
  • Struggle to support with localised content

The Directree Way:

  • 1 Large, powerful aggregator site (Franchisor website)
  • Dedicated franchisee website, for each location, managed by the franchisee & accessible by the franchisor
  • One platform which controls all the sites on the platform
  • National, regional and hyper-local (Franchisee level) marketing capability
  • National (Franchisor) & Local (Franchisee) e-commerce capability
  • Dominant SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • A single platform for content distribution, analytics, education and training. A single platform for: content distribution, analytics, education and training

“Franchise businesses have been slow to shift online, e-commerce is forecast to provide an opportunity for industry growth over the next five years”

– Franchising in Australia report 2021

How it works

01 Bespoke Directree website platform is configured

We configure Directree with a network of best-practice sites to suit the specific needs of your franchise business.

02 Increase traffic & engagement for all franchisees

We plug in a suite of hyperlocal marketing services that drive traffic, leads and local area engagement.

03 Simply distribute marketing content, tangible business support and more

We establish an owned communications channel for you, giving franchisors, a direct link into the heart of all your franchisee’s businesses.

Empower Your Franchisees, Dominate Your Space

1 Platform, Unlimited Franchisees, Digital Dominance.

  • Consolidate your digital presence into a single, powerful platform, optimised for conversions
  • Setup and launch, dedicated and localised websites within minutes
  • Ability to customise at a local level while all connected to the primary Franchisor website

Hyper-local Franchisee Control (Marketing, Communications, Content)

Each franchisee website is managed at a franchise level

Each franchisee’s website is managed at a franchise level, giving them the control (Franchisors can determine how much, or how little), whilst ensuring the site meet’s the Franchisor brand and content requirements.

Franchisees can send out localised content, celebrate the local sporting team they sponsor, run local advertising or marketing campaigns, and view daily performance analytics all within the platform and whilst maintaining the guidelines of the Franchisor.

Franchisors can distribute content through the Directree platform to their franchisees

All through a single login. Franchisors can circulate brochures, leaflets, design collateral, social media posts, images at the touch of a button, to all or any of the franchisees.

Need to run a state-based promotion? No problem!

Need to provide training material to franchisees around the country? Easy!

Want to provide the latest TV commercial to every franchise to use on their socials? Cinch!

Plug in a powerful suite of marketing tools

This is where it gets really cool… When the entire franchisee and franchisor digital footprint is on the one platform, it provides a phenomenal opportunity to conduct National, Regional or Hyper-local Marketing.

  • Enable franchisees to run localised campaigns (through search or social and without impacting national campaigns)
  • Dedicated landing pages for campaigns or promotions
  • Social media advertising allows you to drive traffic nationally, regionally, or locally
  • Powerful SEO & the ability to build dedicated pages for key search terms
  • Google AdWords – search, display & retargeting without limitation for both franchisor and franchisees

Important functions

Dedicated Franchisee Website

10 mins (yes 10 minutes!) to set up a new Franchisee website, mobile responsive, secure, easy to update. Onboard, establish and launch, no design, no code, no hosting; simple.

Analytics Dashboard

Easily view the performance of the entire network at an administration level, whilst providing localised data to the individual franchisees.

Blog Engine

The distribution of content has never been easier! Publish content on the main franchise website, send it to all the franchisee sites, and allow them to customise or edit to suit their local market.

Maintained & Managed Platform

Dedicated platform hosting, security, backups and leading technology stacks make Directree a sound choice for Franchise businesses. Rest easy knowing your entire franchise network is under control.

Content Engine

Images, Videos, Articles, Gifs, Presentations, Documents, Spreadsheets – the amount of content being circulated today is limitless. Directree comes standard with a content engine, that allows you (the Franchisor) to distribute and publish content, that can be segmented by individual franchise, regions, states or territories. Imagine rolling out an entire marketing campaign and knowing that the content you distribute can be allocated to the specific franchisees at the touch of a button!

Native or 3rd Party Reviews System

Social proof and a world of reviews mean that people look to reviews to get a gauge of business performance, well before they contact them. With Directree’s native review system you have full control over what is published and what isn’t. Easily managed at a national or local level, encourage your franchisee customers to leave reviews and watch as they aggregate back to the main website.

Integration Capability

Directree utilises an extensible API functionality for integration with most CRM systems and 3rd Part Platforms allowing Directree to be at the centre of your digital ecosystem.

Training & Education Portal

In a changing world, the ability to conduct and deliver education has never been more important. Directree ensures the immediate disbursement of training and education content. Videos, Presentations, Documentation – all sent out at the touch of a button.

Enquiry Management System

Directree utilises a bespoke enquiry management system which allows for the creation of dedicated rules to determine how leads and/or enquiries are directed. As an example, the Franchisor’s primary website can easily disburse enquiries for individual franchisees, whilst also notifying the head office of the enquiries which have come through the system.

Policies & Documentation Hub

A central location to host all the important information, documentation, policies and procedures your franchise model has. Structure it easily, update and amend all from a central location, confident it is easily accessed by all franchisees from one point.

E-commerce (Optional)

Directree hosts a native e-commerce solution, designed, and configured to suit the needs of your business, enabling Franchisees to sell online locally, making it easy for them to transact in a digital world. From online bookings to physical product sales, all transactions can take place through the Directree platform.

Call Tracking (Optional)

Call Tracking Integration with Avanser allows for dynamic, dedicated numbers to be allocated to the Franchisor website, along with each of the individual franchisee websites. This technology allows for end-to-end call tracking (account for exactly where the call came from, and how it was answered, or better yet – if it was even answered!)

‘Working with Directree was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a business. They really listened, understood our business model and goals, and executed a plan that has ensured our business will grow. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Directree.’

Lee McCaffrey, Dock’d

Perfect for:

  • Professional Services
  • Trade-Based & Industrial Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Gym & Fitness Franchises
  • Garden Care & Maintenance Service
  • Cafes & Coffee Groups
  • Mobile Service Franchise
  • Automotive Franchise
  • Retail Franchise
  • E-commerce Franchise Groups

Ready to step into the future of franchise platforms?

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